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COVID PCR Testing for Travel
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Now Available
COVID PCR Testing for Travel
Results Next Day

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Blue Ridge Scientific is happy to announce the addition of PCR Molecular COVID Testing to our currently available Antigen and Antibody COVID testing. 

Our goal from the beginning of the pandemic has been to come alongside our local community, specifically local businesses, to make COVID testing available, convenient and cost-effective. We have provided hundreds of low-cost Antigen and Antibody COVID tests to the community and local businesses. These tests provide results in 15 minutes and have been crucial for keeping people safe and getting them back to work. However, we have found that airlines, most countries, and even some states, are requiring PCR Molecular tests for travel. PCR tests are lab-based, commonly requiring 2-4 days to receive results, with an average cost of $140. Time to receive results and often the availability of testing times can be a significant challenge, specifically for travel. Blue Ridge Scientific is now providing competitively priced PCR Molecular testing conveniently at our clinic, no appointment necessary, with results the NEXT DAY. 

Here is how testing is conducted:

Call ahead or simply come to our office. For everyone's safety, the test is conducted while individuals remain in their vehicles. Upon arrival, please give us a call, and we will take down the pertinent information needed to conduct the test.  A nurse will then come to the vehicle and collect the specimen via nasal swab and prepare it for shipping. Specimens are then shipped overnight to the lab. Once the lab receives the specimens, the test is completed, and results are released via email that afternoon. 

VERY IMPORTANT- Results are not available the morning after the specimen is collected but will be available in the afternoon the day after collection.

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COVID testing cost:
Antibody Test- $40.00
Antigen Test- $75.00
PCR Test- $135