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Accurate and Reliable Drug Testing Options

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Employer drug testing programs are common in today’s workplace. Most assume all drug tests are the same but at Blue Ridge Scientific we see things a little different. Employers have many options for drug and alcohol testing but the difference we provide is service and expertise second to none. We pride ourselves on knowledge of the testing process from beginning to end and we have Certified Professional Collectors readily available to answer questions and provide guidance to employers.  

If you are happy with your program but just want more efficient collections with less wait time we collect for national labs like LabCorp, Quest, Medtox, Alere, CRL and others. Employers often have the misconception they must change their entire drug and alcohol testing program but this is not the case. You can continue the program you have today and chose to use another collection facility. Stop tolerating long waits and second-rate service contact us at Blue Ridge Scientific today!